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Blogging. When it first began 200 years ago, I was like, “who the hell came up with this name?” Seriously.  BLOG? What is that?  Then, this phenomenon of publishing your thoughts, dreams, ideas, and updates on every waking moment of your life became the thing to do.  Blogging basically blew up (old news, I know).

I kind of just sat in astonishment and watched blog after blog take over the world for a few years.  And now I have decided it is time for me to join the ranks – 200 years later.

So voila. Here is my very own blog, where I will share with you my thoughts, dreams, ideas, and, in substitute of updates on my every waking moment, I will opt to instead share news, pictures and anything else that catches my eye.

Follow me as I journey across continents, hop from farm to farm, attempt to capture beauty and try my very best to make you laugh.

Welcome to the inner workings of me: a tree-huggin’, star gazin’, seed plantin’ mixed chick that wants to change the world without shoes on.

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