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When driving on long, lone highways where everything is measured in mile markers, miles per gallon and minutes ’till the next restroom, you find yourself conforming to the numerical way of life.  Calculating the distance you’ve traveled, the number of places you’ve slept and the number of days the road still holds for you.  Those long drives allow for plenty of time to calculate and count like crazy; down to the number of nights spent in a tent, the number of days since your last shower and the precise number of hours you’ve spent on the phone with loved ones to make up for that loss of face time.

After 4 months straight on the road across this country, I can say I have done a lot of calculating while behind the wheel:  I’ve laid my head in 49 different places, driven almost 15,000 miles, traveled to 16 states,  picked up 2 hitchhikers (one of them an adorable feline, the other most likely my future husband), interviewed 53 farmers and taken roughly 3,500 photographs.

My conclusion of all these numerical musings? The numbers add up – it’s been an amazing journey.

A journey that I wish I had been able to share more of  here with you. But there hasn’t been much time when either my hands weren’t on the wheel,  on the shutter release or on the record button or when I’ve had access to internet. But that will just make the anticipation for the Color of Food/photo docu book all that much more intense, right? 😉

What I can tell you in my final 3 minutes of internet access here in the mountains of the West is this:  On this journey, I have witnessed food growing in every corner and crevice of this country. I’ve had the honor of meeting the wisest,  most innovative and giving people on this planet.  And I am receiving a priceless education in the history of many peoples of this country, in culture,  life, hard agrarian work, family, love  and freedom.  All of which I cannot wait to share far and wide.

Thanks for following me on  The COLOR of FOOD/ photo documentary tour! Still going strong for another month in the West. These “Behind the Wheel” posts are my experiences and perceptions during this project and how I’m holding up on the journey. Please remember to keep $upporting this journey and the farmers’ stories!

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