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Try Again

OK clicking below will take you to ‘Page Not Found’ error page but you’ll be on the new site! So just click on the Blog tab on the left hand side of the page and then you will see the Sign Me Up button on the right to re-subscribe. Apologies for this, not sure why WordPress missed this important feature of transferring my blog subscribers to the new site! 

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New Year, New Site!

It looks like my new site didn’t transfer over your subscriptions to my blog. So my posts haven’t been reaching you if you’re an email subscriber! Please CLICK HERE and RE-SUBSCRIBE on the new site, you will see the Sign Me Up button on the right.

Here’s the old post about the new site, sorry for any repetition if you did happen to receive it:



So I guess my 2013 resolution was to write less blog posts. Looking at the fact that I haven’t written since the end of the farm season (at least for those in the north) and the start of the holiday season, I’d say I started my resolution early!

No, it’s not at all my resolution actually. It’s been unintentional and simply a byproduct of working on the Color of Food project, moving my home, traveling to present the farmers’ stories and exhibit their photos and re-designing my website!

Which I’d like to introduce you all to now: You’re On The New Site! Welcome!

New Site!

The new site combines the blog and the Color of Food project in one place!  You can see –

Hope you enjoy, and look for more blog posts to come!

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