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Before I highlight the third cool project I’ve worked on here in Brooklyn (see the other two here and here), I wanted to also share that I discovered a 4th thing I didn’t expect to while farming in Brooklyn –I may be slightly allergic to bees.

I always rolled my eyes at people who freaked out about bees flying around them (except those people who were allergic, I guess they have an excuse –it could kill them; we all saw the movie My Girl), but now I may just be one of those people afraid of such a tiny bug with such a tiny stinger, ’cause this is what happened to my hand after getting stung!

So, on to the third and final post of this series…

Build a Greenhouse!

One of the East New York residents that works with ENY Farms wanted to be able to extend her growing season through the winter, so we helped her be able to do that by building a greenhouse in her backyard garden. There are all types of greenhouses and ways of building them, but this one was a basic pre-cut design. I wouldn’t recommend it because it doesn’t seem as sturdy (think strong winter winds and heavy snow) but it should do the trick. A greenhouse works just like our ozone layer, trapping heat from the sun’s rays inside to heat up the interior, while also protecting the plants inside from the winds and weather. A lot of gardeners and farmers also use greenhouses to get a head start on the season by starting seeds inside in early spring when it is still too cold to plant in the ground, and then transplanting the seedlings into the ground when it warms up.  That’s all folks.


Check out a few photos here!

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