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I’ve had some requests for updates and visuals of what I’ve been up to on the farm lately this season, so I’m taking a break from all my musings about big picture farming and the good fight and instead will just show off our crops and herbs! 😉 Enjoy.

Me (my shadow) harvesting Sumac! The flower seen in bottom left corner grows native on trees here and we climb up on top of the farm truck every Tuesday to gather as many of these Vitamin-C rich flowers as we can get away with (avoiding Dutchess County State Troopers is key)

A typical harvest time set up on either a Tuesday morning/evening prepping for our Wednesday Bronx markets or a Friday and Saturday morning prepping for our Dutchess County markets! Seen here: Sungold Cherry Tomatoes, Garlic, Red Chieftan Potatoes, Leeks and Purple Beans.

Me, willingly posing for this photo, at our South Bronx Farmers’ Market. Our most popular items: fresh and dried herbal teas!

Our wonderful, beautiful, magical herbs!!!! No, we don’t grow that herb (I’ve learned that in this day if you’re a young farmer, people automatically assume you must be growin marijuana) No our herbs include Bee Balm(right purple), Chamomile (center white), Hyssop and Nettle (left purple and green), Catnip(right white), Lavender(center purple) and Lemon Balm (top left green).

Jalal, good friend and organizer of the Freedom Food Alliance, helping us out at our South Bronx Farmers’ Market!

The Happy Cucumber plants after getting mulched! They need LOTS of water and love the heat!

All my favorite cherry tomatoes – Sungolds, Black Cherries and Yellow Pears!


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