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I took a detour last week and backtracked from Atlanta to Asheville, NC ( North Carolina keeps callin’ me back) to attend a conference I was invited to and to connect with the IATP Food and Community Fellows , most of which represent a dynamic group of people of color growing or focusing on food and food sovereignty for their communities.

Instead of trying to find the words to encapsulate each of these amazing leaders, I’ll let a few of them tell their stories here in IATP’s videos:

Valerie Segrest, Native Foods Educator

Valerie beleives that returning to traditional food systems is the most effective way to address health disparities prevalent in tribal communities

Don Bustos, Traditional Farmer

Don Bustos produces food on the same land in New Mexico that his ancestors have farmed for 300 years

Brahm Ahmadi, Social Food Entrepreneur

Brahm’s vision is to create a hub for good food and strong community in Oakland

Kelvin Graddick, Young Farmer

Kelvin sheds light on being a young Black farmer who is working the same land that his grandmother farmed in Georgia five decades ago

Thanks to Valerie, Don, Brahm and Kelvin for the inspiration! Click here for more fellow videos.

The COLOR of FOOD/ photo documentary tour: Currently en route through Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana! Holla at me if you know of farmers of color I should stop and see in these areas!

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