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Beverly and granddaughter, Allayla, with seedling on Three Sisters Farm

I found myself in Shannon, North Carolina, home to the Catawba and Carolina Siouan tribes and where Beverly Hall of American Indian Mothers and her family of Iroquois, Algonquian and Siouan peoples have been living and farming for generations.

It was when Beverly began to see the elders in her home health work not receiving enough food or receiving unhealthy food from government programs that her and her community started the food bank and community garden programs. “ We don’t want to be dependent on others,” says Beverly.

Out of this work came the farm, Three Sisters Farm, where beans, corn and squash are grown according to the Iroquois Three Sisters practice which is rich in mythological, botanical and cultural history and serves as a trio of complimentary nutrition.

American Indian Mothers has various programs in the garden, helping the community and preserving and portraying the contributions the Native community (as well as other communities) have brought to agriculture and food in the area.

These posts are just small excerpts from the upcoming Color of Food / photo documentary book.  The COLOR of FOOD/ photo documentary tour is currently en route through Texas, New Mexico and Arizona! Please remember to keep $upporting this journey and the farmers’ stories!

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