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As the Dogwood and Cherry Blossom trees begin to bloom, I know it’s finally time to begin my trek across the country.

My project to find, connect and hear directly from other brown farmers has been in germination for a year and a half, and I’m filled with excited anticipation now that it has emerged.

I started thinking about the need for this project while I was writing a series called The Color of Food for Grist.org in 2010. The issues of race and food were discussed and the voices of farmers of color rang loud and clear for me, yet I knew they weren’t being heard.  I spent the next year trying to make the idea of amplifying these voices come to fruition. And thanks to the support of many beautiful souls and comrades in this movement, at the end of 2011 the idea became a reality.

Now with the fresh, new season upon us – as my favorite wizard of one liners would say – “It’s all happening.”

The winter  “spring” was spent in much needed hibernation(if you can even hibernate in 60 degree weather). I spent the time preparing for the trip and working at Cedar Springs farm for extra cash to help when on the road.

I researched and bought a car to get around to all the farmers in (Lucille, a 22 year old wagon, aged like a fine wine), which will double as my home for the season. I also acquired all the camera and audio equipment I’ll need and began planning my route and reaching out to farmers to set up interview stays.

Now I’m officially on the road and the COLOR of FOOD/ photo documentary tour has officially commenced!

Snapshots of the farmers along the way and pieces of their interviews will be posted here. As well as updates of my route so that folks can reach out to me when I’m in your area if you want to participate, support or suggest a farmer I should connect with!

First states: D.C./Maryland/Virginia area, then North Carolina! Give me a shout if you or anyone you know in these states should be included in this project or if there’s a couch for me to lay my head on 😉

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